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Bill Haley, Broker-in-Charge

Larry Savage, Senior Sales Executive

TRUST: “Assured reliance on the integrity, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something”
Trust is something that cannot be purchased or mandated, but rather it must be earned and can only be given by those to whom they believe have earned it. HHI Realty Plus does not claim to be all things to all people, however; we do strive to excel in the services provided to those clients to which we do minister in a diligent manner that does earn that most coveted relationship in which we seek …. “Your Trust”.
For over 30 years HHI Realty Plus has serviced the Hilton Head Island, South Carolina market area as well as the surrounding market area of Bluffton, SC and southern Beaufort County. We are not the largest real estate brokerage in the area, but rather offer a boutique approach to the practice of real estate sales and marketing. This approach allows us to specialize in certain segments of the market area in a manner that provides a level of expertise that many others find hard to duplicate. 
Like most people who live on Hilton Head Island, the agents and affiliates of HHI Realty Plus have had “another life” prior to relocating to this beautiful island paradise. Prior to real estate sales and marketing, previous backgrounds of our associates include company ownership, general management, sales management, sales training, advertising, marketing, the automotive industry, educational fields, the entertainment industry, real estate appraisals and appraisal review as a partial resume of the diverse backgrounds. As a result of this diversity in background and experience, our staff works as a team when a team effort is both needed and is the appropriate path to follow. 
It all begins with “listening” to you …. our client. When we say “listen”, we truly mean listen and pay careful attention to your wants and needs and your criteria of the property in which you seek. To do anything less would be a waste of time for all parties’ time and efforts. Ours is not a “hard sell” approach, but rather one of performing diligent research in identifying properties that meet your desires and providing you with a wealth of information that provides you confidence and peace of mind in your decision making process. 
Our goal is not to represent you on just the purchase or sale of one transaction, but to develop a relationship based on performance and trust that earns your business for “life”. We want to be your REALTY connection PLUS much, much more!

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